If you feel your „calling“ is in one of the most enjoyable beauty careers then come and join us and become an abalico beauty manager.
The beauty market offers an array of opportunities for you to further your personal beauty career.

abalico’s training programme has arisen from a long-term training concept established by Roswitha Vogl from Landshut, a leading name in the nail and hand care industry and whose school boasts many successful nail designers. The programme has been tried and tested over many years, always in keeping with the latest developments. We at abalico want the best of the best for what matters to us most - our customers’ well-being.

Our seminars provide you with established, future-oriented theoretical and practical knowledge, and open up a world of opportunities to make a visual statement in the beauty of fingernails, hands and feet.


Individual training programmes, care, regeneration, and the perfection of hands and fingernails in professional institutes as with abalico training now form an inherent part of the professional cosmetics world. The last few years have shown that this market is exploding with customer potential and demand for products. As a specialist for hand and fingernail care, abalico is there to ensure you have the knowledge and skills

to profit from this potential. Now it’s down to you to turn the wonderful world of abalico and its aesthetic effect into a dream career as a beauty manager.

We look forward to helping you to pave your way in one of the most beautiful cosmetic professions. We have a comprehensive package to gradually put together and carry out your personal training concept. The right way is vital to achieving your goal!


  • pre-course meeting to discuss place, dates and content
  • development of long-term further training plans
  • preparation and conducting of seminars
  • detailed seminar documents
  • post-seminar evaluations and quality checks through written tests
  • comprehensive post-seminar support
  • continued support in professional life for hand and nail cosmetics
  • staff available anytime
  • always up to date on innovations at abalico


quality | professionalism | personal support

These principles form the basis of our trainers’ work. They have long-standing, successful careers as specialists and trainers for hand and nail cosmetics and were all personally trained by Roswitha Vogl, our abalico education manager.


The abalico academy training programme

Hands & Natural Nails





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